Joanna Dowthwaite

beautiful and bespoke florals

Thought, care and attention to detail go into everything we do, and we are proud to value timeless style over fast fashion, quality over quantity. Which is why each one of our bouquets and arrangements is bespoke, handmade with love and feature only the freshest and highest quality flowers and foliage, no matter the budget.

Started by Joanna Dowthwaite in 2002, Stems was born from a passion for flowers and a natural gift for arranging them.


Joined by a small team with similar enthusiasm and creativity, Jo grew Stems from a tiny kiosk selling posies to commuters into a boutique florist, delivering elegant blooms across Berkshire and Surrey. 


An affection for the British countryside and an appreciation for fashion, design, colour and texture give our work its romantic and abundant style, and our lovely customers keep us inspired to pair it with the best service we can possibly offer.


So if you're planning an event or cheering up the house or just trying to spoil a friend, pop in for a chat - we'll have the perfect solution.


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